About Kirsty Marie

Welcome to a little page all about me!

So firstly this is me,

I’m a twenty something blogger and social “influencer” from London UK.

I have always had a passion for all things beauty and fashion related, it dates back to when I was about 5 and I regularly dressed up and plodded around my house in my mums shoes and sunglasses.

At around 14/15 my love of make up and beauty grew stronger, I think I had every flavour of those super shiny lipglosses everyone in the 90s / 00s had! Cringe I know!

I’m pleased to say I’ve moved on somewhat since then however make up and fashion are still a huge part of my life.

I love testing new brands and products both drugstore and luxury high end and reviewing them for you all, so I decided to start my blog!

All opinions featured on my blog are my own as well as the product images unless stated otherwise.

Thank you for passing by and I hope to see you again on my site soon.

Kirsty Marie ❤