Living My Best Light : First Impressions & Review

When I found out that Beauty Bay were going to be bringing out highlighter palettes I just knew I’d had to get my hands on at least one of the four.

The eyeshadow palettes had such great reviews so I had high hopes for the highlighter palettes, and I was NOT wrong!

I decided to go for the Delicate palette which seemed to be one of the palettes with the best shades for someone with a light/medium skin tone.

So when it arrived it came in a cute packet with some little flash card which were a cute touch.

All four shades are gorgeous however I do have a favourite and that has to be the bottom right shade called “precious” this is absolutely blinding on, it’s definitely an in your face type of highlighter, which personally I’m totally here for! my second favourite is the right shade in the top row “Dazzle” which is more of a gold / champagne shade.

Now for my final thoughts,

I’m seriously impressed with the pigment and longevity of these, the formula is creamy and they almost feel sort of spongy in the palette which is personally something I like.

You can definitely see the odd glittery speck in these though (nothing crazy) so if that’s something you really dislike then these probably aren’t for you.

For £12 I would definitely recommend picking one of these up, they have a great range of shades for all skin tones.

I have actually also now purchased another one of these but in Brilliance, so I think that speaks for itself!

Have you purchased any of these highlighter palettes?

If so, what are your thoughts?

Kirsty Marie

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